Sun India Services as an efficient and credible housekeeping services provider for all your relevant requirements. Our specially trained team takes care of kitchen and its apparatus cleaning. Proper process, goals and service quality are the core values in which our housekeeping service is built. We are bound to provide excellent housekeeping service by personally recruiting efficient staff to service according to client’s needs. Our service offers structured cleaning with zero accident. We make this possible by using technology and equipment to achieve the target.

Our cleaning services

The deep cleaning service will be done once in every 6 months. We provide you the best professional deep cleaning service which will reach every nook and corner of your house and is exterminated from dust, grime, and germs.

With a specific expert team for house cleaning, we ensure that your house is clean and shining, looking beautiful at every corner.

The kitchen cleaning service ensures you to provide a sparkling kitchen which is clean and stain free.

You can be assured to get a clean service by repairing all the damages in the wall turning it to be brand new.

Get germs free shining floor with our expert service now.

We provide you the best cleaning service on all types of a mattress by using latest technique to make it feel fresh and new again.

We offer you a disinfected and clean washroom to ensure protection from different diseases.

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